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Four Things You Should Know About the 4% Rule

One of the biggest challenges of planning for retirement is figuring out how much you can spend during your golden years. Retirement income planning requires careful preparation, budgeting, and monitoring. A popular retirement income planning guideline is the 4% rule, which suggests that you live off 4% of your total investments during the first year […]

Estate Planning: Rethinking These 7 Estate Strategy Myths

Do you have your estate plan in order? The estate planning process can seem overwhelming. However, the importance of proper estate planning shouldn’t be understated, as it can be a lasting gift for your loved ones after your passing.   The discomfort in talking about plans after death or incapacitation may cause certain myths and […]

Capital Gains & Your Taxes: A Brief But Important Guide

Classic investments, like stocks, are not the only investments taxed by capital gains. Capital gains taxes can apply to any other property that acquires value over time. These taxes are calculated by subtracting the cost of the investment from the final selling price of said investment. This final amount is reported as capital gains. But, […]